Tequila- is a traditional drink, made from blue Agave, which is maturing at vast plantations for 8-12 years. During harvest- jimadores- (agave harvesting workers) are hacking leaves by hand with machetes and exposing the hearts of the plant- called pinas.

These are carried into the destillery, where they are cooked first, then by grounding their juice is obtained and then fermented. With the destillation the unrefined distillate is obtained, deposited in glas or ceramic bins, eventually it's aging in barrels.

We differentiate between several basic criteria:

BLANCO/SILVER - tequila aging just a short period of time

GOLD - no aging, coloured with carmel

REPOSADO - aging at least 2 months

AŇEJO - aging in a barrel at least 1 year, usually 3 or more years

Served best at room temperature (so the taste and aroma of a quality distillate excels) We suggest drinking it straight, if needed with lime!! Tequila is also suitable for cocktails- the most famous one is without question MARGARITA.

..............so hooray let's get a drink!